Saturday, 29 March 2014

TODAY Mental Health Advocacy Group Fights Fife Council's Cuts - Video from May 2009

Remembering May 2009 and campaigning with the TODAY Group at Scottish Parliament, against the tendering of the Fife mental health advocacy contracts.

To no avail.  Unfortunately the local grassroots advocacy projects, TODAY Group and Fife Advocacy, lost their contracts and the Warwickshire based Circles Network won the bid.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

another one bites the dust

Got an Email yesterday from Circles Network management confirming another resignation from the Fife advocacy project.  My response:

"Sorry to hear that ..... Another one bites the dust."

I forwarded the Email on to NHS Fife folk, saying:

"About 7 down and 2 to go."

 Then forwarded the Email on to my MSP, saying:

"One by one they have gone, the independent advocacy workers from the Fife Advocacy and Today Group that was.  Replaced with new employees of the learning disability service provider from Warwickshire, England.   Who said back in 2011 or so that they would set up a Scottish company so as to be "independent"."