Saturday, 14 December 2013

(16 Nov 13) a response to Circles Network letter threatening legal action if I speak out

Firstly, I will continue to speak out about whatever I believe needs to be said, whether it is about CN or anything else.  The threat of "legal redress" will not silence me.  

Secondly, I maintain that I have done nothing to "bring" CN into "disrepute".  If an organisation uses bullying tactics and threatening letters then this demonstrates, in my opinion, disreputable practice.

Thirdly, my offer of volunteering was with the Fife advocacy project which just happens at present to be managed by CN based in Warwickshire, England.  I have no desire to volunteer with CN in England but I do want to help the Fife advocates and to support Fife people who are in psychiatric settings and want to speak out.

Fourthly, there is no conflict of interest in my desire to help with advocacy work in Fife but there is a conflict of interest in a service provider organisation trying to provide independent advocacy, even if from another country. 

Finally, although I don't have a good opinion of CN, based on previous experience of trying to engage with them, I do have a good opinion of the Fife advocates who have been working over the last 4 years in very difficult circumstances.  A high turnover of staff.  Low morale.  Continual system changes implemented by CN in England without consultation.  Issues around pay scales and modes of travel.  Various other pressures.

I am entitled to my opinion.  People can choose whether to believe my version of the story or not. 

I am not forcing my views on to anyone else.  I am not threatening legal action on unpaid carers.  I refuse to be intimidated.

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