Saturday, 14 December 2013

(15 Nov 13) who'd have thought that offering to volunteer would result in so much disharmony?

You'd think a national organisation that prides itself on being inclusive would be glad of a volunteer with my capabilities and experience joining the advocacy project they manage in my local area.  

Helping get collective advocacy groups going.  
Supporting people to speak out and have a voice, about their psychiatric treatment or mental health services.

The local project manager was keen on the idea and also another experienced advocacy worker who I've known for over 5 years, since they were both in the TODAY Group, user led collective advocacy that lost out at the 2009 advocacy tendering process.  

We had a useful meeting at Stratheden Hospital to discuss this, back in August.  It seemed a straightforward process.  I'd complete the volunteer application form then attend a training course and then be assessed for suitability.  We were happy to go ahead with this but Circles Network in Warwickshire, England, have said "No".

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